S 406 S/36

S 406 Technical Page - 2


Frequency range:  3,750-15,000 kHz, switchable in 10 steps continuously tuning.  The wave bands switching was made by temperature-compensated capacitors.


The frequency-determining components are stored in a ceramic housing.  For the tuning, a strong silver-plated ball variometer is used.


Valve (tube) line-up: 2 valves REN 904 (exciter),  2 valves RS 288 (splitting stage), 2 valves RS 291 (PA), 1 valve RGN 1064.


Power provisioning: Converter TFG 110/3 + TFG 412/7


Accessories:  Power supply unit Spez 2157/S, frequency control unit K 150 S2/36. 


A1: Telegraphy without modulation by periodic oscillation.  Short CW.


A2: Telegraphy by on-off keying of one or more periodic oscillations low-frequency amplitude-modulating the emission, or by keying of the emission modulated by those oscillations. (Continuous signal of an emission amplitude-modulated by low-frequency periodic: e.g. some radio beacons).  Sounding CW.