Lo40K39a Technical Page 1

              On the starboard side of the after bulkhead is a 40-watt transmitter made by Lorenz, type Lo40K39a. It is twenty and one-half inches wide, twenty-one inches high, and eleven and one-half inches deep, and is built in two sections. The upper part is a 240-volt power supply and the lower part is a three-tube transmitter consisting of Telefunken RL12P35 tubes. One is used as the master oscillator, and the remaining two are connected in parallel and make up the power amplifier. Construction is neat, but light. Two meters are used: a 0-200 milliampere plate meter for the final, and an RF meter calibrated 0-10 amperes. The output frequency is apparently quite high, but appears to be rather limited in range. It looks to be about 30 to 60 mHz, or somewhere in between. The case is of sheet metal and is rather badly sprung. The equipment is for CW only.