The power supply for the radio direction finder is a Telefunken type EN410N and is twelve inches high, twelve inches wide, and nine inches deep. It comprises a full-wave rectifier using a Telefunken RGN1064 type tube and operates from 240 volts AC. In addition to the rectifier, Stabilovolt STV 280-40 regulator is used to regulate the 240 volt input. Two other series current regulations are employed. An Osram 9900 1.6 amp. 2.5 – 7.5 volt lamp regulates the filament supply; and an Osram 9913, 60 milliampere, 50 – 150 volt lamp regulates the direct current output.

*Drawing courtesy of Dieter Blumenthal

*Text from U. S. Navy document NB28/A3-1(7) (A) (A-1) (C)
Serial 0021593
13 December 1944